David Shaffer

David Shaffer

David Shaffer is Strativa’s Practice Director for Business Strategy, where he is responsible for business strategy and process improvement. With over 20 years of experience, he also participates in IT strategy and due diligence projects. His industry experience spans a variety of industry sectors, including manufacturing, distribution, health care, elder care, construction, business services, high technology, and non-profits.

David is skilled in his ability to effectively integrate all aspects of business including financial management, information systems, infrastructure, and operations. His consulting engagements have ranged from strategic planning to operational process improvement opportunities to tactical sales planning.

Some of David’s notable client engagements include:

  • Business strategy for a professional services firm in the healthcare industry, resulting in doubling revenue over three years.
  • Marketing and sales planning for a midsized manufacturer of engineering equipment, resulting in 25% increase in revenue and 15% growth in net profit.
  • Strategic planning with a focus on talent management for a non-profit provider of elder care services, resulting in partnerships with business community and local colleges, new funding sources, and reduced unemployment payments.
  • Strategic planning for a distributor of building products, reducing costs of imported materials by 15%, increased profits by 20%, and streamlined operational processes.
  • Business process improvement initiative for a manufacturer of construction materials, resulting in reduction in rework to an acceptable level of 3%, reduction in customer returns to 1% of sales, elimination of 70% of overtime, and 90% reduction in rework-related inventory costs.
  • Assessment of financial management and operational processes and systems of two related apparel companies in Southern California.

Prior to joining Strativa, David served in a variety of roles in industry and as a consultant. He was Director of Operational Improvement Consulting for RSM McGladrey, President and Founder of Brass Ring Consulting and Responsive Business Technologies, and an IBM Industry Advisor in the Manufacturing/Distribution sectors. He was a Director of Operational Consulting & Information Technology for KPMG, where he was assisted in developing an Operational Consulting Practice in the Western US and in Taiwan, Korea and Japan. He has been a keynote speaker at professional organizations such as the CFO Forum, JBA International Partner conference, IBM Business Partner Executive Conference, and RSM Executive Consulting Conference.

David holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Concordia University in Montreal.

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